about us

About us


„K-Link Europe“ 
is a europe-wide wholesale organization. We sell selected wellness products of the parent company K-Link International from Malaysia and are responsible for the developement of the european market.

Our high quality, which are few in number, are carefully selected and make up the essence of holistic health. We demand high standards of our producers and have our products analised in independent laboratories on a regular basis.

Our focus aleady becomes clear from our name „K-Link“ which is short for „Knowledge-Link“: Your Knowledge-Link to – Finding and the global marketing of excellent and revolutionary products for more wellness and quality of life.

„K-Link Europe“ was founded in 2004 as subsidary of K-Link International as a MLM (Multilevel-Marketing) company. By now our company is maintained to 100 percent by the Wellness Network B. V. in the Netherlands. 

As a wholesaler we now follow traditional sales structures since 2010, offering excellent service and individual advice. At the same time we are open minded and 
offer people who are interested as well as small business owners the chance to benefit from our products through our partner and affiliate programs.