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K-BioGreen 500 gr


Our body is continuously exposed to stress and environmental pollution. Though our daily 
lifestyle might be modern and healthy, according to the World-Health-Organisation (WHO) our body needs a healthy low-fat diet, with a high percentage of fibres which is rich of complex carbohydrates.

This goal can be reached 
for example by eating fruits, vegetables, wholegrain cereals and pulses, as well as nuts, roots and shoots on a regular basis. For a few years the number of scientific studies which confirm the healing power of many vegetarian food has increased. With BioGreen, K-Link has developped a natural, organic food supplement. 

It consists of 58 assorted ingredients such as beans, vegetables, sea-grass, Bifido-bacteria and enzymes.

They play an important role in the cleansing and detoxication process of the human body, in the rejuvenation and renewal of the life functions of the organs and also in the immunisation process of the body against fungal skin infection, virus or toxic substances. 

By using BioGreen a wide range of essential nutrients are added to the body.

It is the perfect choice for people who want to eat healthy and pay attention to their weight.

K-BioGreen is a pure natural and organic product, it contains no genetically modified ingredients, no synthetic flavours or colours, no conveying means for growth or preservatives.
The organic plants, which are used for our product, come exclusively from certified agricultural producers.
Recommandation for use of K-BioGreen

For the support of their health adults canust K-NioGreen one to three times a day, mixing one measuring spoon (included in each packet) of K-BioGreen in lukewarm water, milk or juice (about 300 ml; according to taste) and drink directly. For children it is recommended to mix half a measuring spoon of K-Bio Green in a glas of water (about 300ml).

Additionally, a healthy diet with a lot of vegetable and rich in nutrients is recommended. Drink a lot of clear water und live a healthy life. If you exercise a lot, you should also give your body enough time to rest.

At the beginning of using K-BioGreen, when the body starts with cleansing and purification,
the movement of bowels can increase, as well as the diuretic effect, or it can
sometimes also come to a little headache. These symptoms can be inconvenient, but they are
good signs for the beginning of purification.
Elements of K-BioGreen

Shells of grains, white wheat, red wheat, buckwheat, wild rice, brown rice, concentrate of 
barley malt, corns of rye, wheatgerms, organic oat
Mixture of different beans: green lentils, red lentils, purple lentils, golden lentils,
split peas, green, french lentils, peanuts, soy beans 

  • apricot kernels, walnuts, gingko
  • pumpkin seeds, lotus kernels
  • pine seeds, black sesame
  • flax seed
  • spinach
  • carrots
  • yam root
  • mushrooms
  • pulverized juice of wheatgrass
  • pulverized juice of Alfalfa-grass
  • Astragalus-powder
  • spirulina algae
  • bifido-bacterium
  • chlorella-algae-powder
  • passion fruit-extract
  • red dates, black dates
  • Euryales seeds
  • Coicis seeds
  • celeriac
  • cabbage, broccoli
  • liquorice
  • soy-Lezithin
  • pulverized juice of barleygrass
  • pulverized juice of Acerolagrass
  • red algae from New Scottland
  • different enzymes
  • Dunaliella Salina-algae
  • pulverized lemon
  • pineapple-extract

K-BioGreen 500 gr

A natural and organic product, containing 58 assorted ingredients

K-BioGreen 500 gr
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