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Disclaimer of Liability 


1.   1. Contents of Online Offers

Wellness Network B.V. assumes no responsibility for the up-to-date status, availability, propriety, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding any damage, be it of material or immaterial nature, that might be caused by using, or failing to use, any of the information provided, or by using incorrect or incomplete information, are ruled out, provided that Wellness Network B.V. cannot be proved to be guilty of premeditation or grave negligence.

All offers are without obligation and non-binding. Wellness Network B.V. explicitly reserves the right to edit, supplement or delete any part of the whole choice of products without separate notice, or to terminate the publication, be it temporarily or permanently.


2.   2. Referrals and Links

In regard to direct or indirect links to alien websites (so-called ?hyperlinks?) that lie outside Wellness Network B.V.?s responsibility no liability will be in effect, unless KWellness Network B.V. has knowledge of the contents and unless it is technically feasible and reasonable to prevent the use of links having unlawful contents.

Wellness Network B.V. hereby explicitly declares that no unlawful contents were identifiable on the websites to be inter-linked, at the time the link was established. Wellness Network B.V. has no influence over the current or future design of the interlinked/connected sites. Therefore, Wellness Network B.V. distances itself explicitly from any contents subject to editing after the link was established. This statement applies to all links and references included in the own Internet publication, as well as to external entries into any guest book, chat rooms or mailing lists Wellness Network B.V. may have set up. The authors of the respective website to which a given link might refer will be solely responsible for any damage caused by unlawful, incorrect and incomplete information, that is, not the person who merely uses links to refer to the respective publication.


3.  3. Copyrights and Labeling Requirements

Wellness Network B.V. strives to respect in all publications the copyrights for any images, sound material, video clips and text used; to use images, sound material, video clips and text created by itself, or to fall back on non-copyrighted images, sound material, video clips and text.

Any brand names and trademarks named in the Internet publication and possibly protected by third party rights are without exception subject to the restrictions of the respectively applicable labeling requirements and the proprietary rights of the respectively registered owners. The mere listing of a given brand name does not imply that it is not protected by third party rights.

Wellness Network B.V. reserves the exclusive copyright to any items published and created by Wellness Network B.V. No reproduction or use of relevant images, sound material, video clips and text by other electronic or printed publications is permitted without Wellness Network B.V.?s explicit consent.


4.  4. Data Protection

Inasmuch as the Internet publication contains options for entering personal or commercial data (such as email address, names, postal addresses etc.) the release of such data is effected on an explicitly voluntary basis on the part of the user. Use and payment of the services offered will also be permitted ? inasmuch as it is technically feasible and reasonable ? without submitting such data, or by submitting anonymous data or an alias. The use of contact data, such as postal address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as email addresses, published in the context of the legal notice or through comparable statements, by any third party for the purpose of mailing not expressly solicited information is not permitted. The right to take legal steps against senders of so-called spam mail in violation of this restriction is explicitly asserted.

The service and therewith the recognition of the administrative fee is considered valid if the legal objection period of 14 days has expired, regardless of time of use of the offer.


5.  5. Legal Validity of this Disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be considered an integral part of the Internet publication in whose context is appears. In case certain sections or individual terms of this text fail to match the applicable legal position, or to match it any longer or in full, no other parts of the document will be impaired by this fact in regard to their contents and validity.