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    For joint complaints and inflammation of the bones

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    K-AyuArtis is a combination of herbs designed to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation. K-AyuArtis helps eliminate toxins and allergens that can contribute to inflammation and reduces the build-up of excess fluid.

    According to Ayurvedic principles, the cause is that the body is unable to eliminate and excrete the acid waste products of the body’s metabolism. If this waste is stored in the skeletal system, especially in the muscle fibers, it can lead to various forms of rheumatic complaints.

    The advantages of K-AyuArtis:

    • Relieves joint pain
    • Supports joint mobility
    • Reduces stiffness and improves performance

    Composition (Each vegetarian capsule contains):

    50,00 mg – Indian Myrrh Extract
    50,00 mg – Root of the Withania Somnifera
    35,00 mg – Indian incense extract
    35,00 mg – Root of Cyprus grass (also known as “nutgrass”)
    30,00 mg – Extract from the leaves of Chinese fever wine
    30,00 mg – Extract of monk’s pepper leaves
    30,00 mg – Bitter oleander bark
    30,00 mg – Chinese root (only “smilax”)
    25,00 mg – Root of common hogweed
    25.00 mg – Earth curled arbor
    25,00 mg – Real celery
    20,00 mg – Sand mallow root

    Note: Dietary supplements are not intended to be a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the specified consumption amount.

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