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    The milk thistle supports liver protection and regeneration.

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    The milk thistle for liver protection and regeneration
    The milk thistle is a strong product straight from nature. The milk thistle comes from the family of the basket flowers and is to be found particularly in the Mediterranean area. Until now, the power of milk thistle was known with regard to its strengthening effect on the liver. In addition to strengthening the liver, this miracle of nature fights intestinal cancer. Thus, the use is not only limited to the liver. But these are not the only areas of application for this wonderful product. Read more about the effect of the wonderful milk thistle in the following lines.

    Who is the product suitable for?
    The product is particularly suitable for people who want to strengthen their own liver in the first place. The product is particularly suitable for this purpose, as the active ingredient silymarin can make an excellent contribution to strengthening the liver. This product can therefore be used to strengthen the immune system and thus support the detoxifying effect and function of the liver. Due to the positive effect on the intestinal flora, milk thistle also has a positive effect on the intestine itself and can prevent a malignant change in the cells from taking place. As a preventive measure, milk thistle can also be used against cancer or tumours. The active ingredient silymarin considerably influences the growth rate of malignant cells and can prevent the formation of metastases. This applies to lung and colon cancer.

    What is behind milk thistle?
    The milk thistle has an important active ingredient for our body. This is silymarin, which protects the liver from toxic substances and protects the regeneration of the liver. The product is applied with regenerative and detoxifying cell support. The popular active ingredient is also found in homeopathy as Carduus marianus (mother tincture and potency D1 to D6).

    This is what milk thistle can achieve
    Milk thistle with its active ingredient Silymarin has a positive effect on the following:

    • Strengthening the liver in its regenerative and detoxifying cell support
    • Support of the regenerative function of the liver
    • Support of the detoxifying function of the liver
    • Positive influence on cell formation and support of the body’s own cells (natural alternative to classical chemotherapy)

    Nutritional supplement milk thistle in general
    When taking milk thistle with its highly effective active ingredient silymarin, care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate dosage is taken. A milk thistle tea does not have the required concentration of the active ingredient, as is the case with most retail products. A dosage of up to 400mg per ingestion is advised.

    Ingredients in detail and as indicated on package

    • Mary Thistle (Silybum marianum)
    • Thickening Agent (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)

    Intake as indicated on package
    Recommended intake: 2 capsules a day (daily dose 800mg), each after a meal.

    Package contents
    60 capsules

    Notes for usage
    In order to achieve a traceable product effect, we recommend taking the product for at least 3 months. The product described is a food supplement and not a medical product.

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