Food supplements

    Natural products that provide energy in a natural way

    In this day and age, in which our lifestyle is becoming more and more rapid and there is less and less time for a balanced diet and a focus on health, dietary supplements are becoming more and more common in society. But do we really need them or can we do without them?

    Below, we list why supplementation makes sense in this age and which products can help you to feel better.

    The declining nutrient content in our foods
    Due to the growing world population and the constantly growing consumption, agriculture is becoming more and more intensive in the world. This does not only mean mass livestock farming, but also a special burden on the world's soils. The more food has to be cultivated on the fields, the faster the corresponding seeds have to yield. The constant, "optimized" harvests then ensure that nutrients are washed out of the soil, causing many minerals and trace elements previously contained in food to be lost. A particularly early harvest of fruits and vegetables also contributes to an unripe vitamin and nutrient content - after all, they have to be transported around the world in order to have access to fresh strawberries or melons all year round in Germany, for example.

    However, in order to cover the daily nutrient requirement, it can be useful to obtain nutrients through a dietary supplement made from natural substances. Our K-Liquid Alfalfa, for example, contains a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements, as well as various vitamins, to maintain your nutrient balance despite nutrient-poorer food.

    Stress and nutritional sins
    In today's fast-moving world, nutrition no longer plays a major role for most people - a cup of coffee to go and a roll from the bakery in the morning, a quick bite to eat at noon, and in the evening we are exhausted from our long working day and no longer feel like cooking. The many snacks that are distributed throughout the day and often contain sugar consist of nutrients that our body largely does not need, which is why it stores them in body fat - one of the main reasons for the increased occurrence of obesity in our society.

    The production of these fast-moving foods not only contains a lot of sugar and unhealthy additives, but also the environmental toxins introduced by the production process. The increased CO2 emissions caused by our modern lifestyle and the pesticide-treated foods not only deprive us of nutrients, but also bring toxic substances, which we should rather keep away from our bodies. Our K-BioGreen is a natural, biological product with 58 selected ingredients that provide you with all important nutrients and support the intestinal and organ functions. The various detoxifying substances also have the ability to carry toxins out of the intestines and increase intestinal activity.

    Weight loss, diets and sports
    As a result of the constantly growing incidence of obesity in our society and the associated low-nutrient diet, many of us try to lose weight again and again - through diets, sport or a combination of both. Since diets mainly limit the daily calorie intake, and thus also the nutrient supply, nutrient deficiencies can quickly occur. These vitamin and mineral deficiencies that occur during weight loss can also lead to bone loss or even neurological damage. Those who want to prevent these damages should supplement their diet with natural nutrients that can compensate for this deficiency. If sport is practiced as well, this obviously is particularly good for the body. At the same time, however, the need for vital substances within the body is significantly increased when exercising, which means that a vital substance preparation can be useful to maintain nutrients.

    In this case, a supportive product such as Osteolive Plus can be used to prevent and support bone mass. The ingredients it contains not only provide the body with important minerals such as magnesium, but also promote the absorption of calcium into the bones. Our K-Liquid Alfalfa also contains a wide range of trace elements and vitamins that help maintain your nutrient balance and maintain a healthy, athletic lifestyle.

    Ageing and anti-ageing
    The older we get, the more difficult it is for our body to absorb nutrients properly. Above all, minerals such as calcium can no longer be processed well by the body due to low nutrient intake and absorption. One consequence of this is bone loss. Bone problems and osteoporosis are more common in later years.

    To prevent osteoporosis and bone ageing in general, our Osteolive Plus product can help maintain bone health in the long term and effectively prevent calcium deficiency. In addition, this product not only helps as a precaution, but can also naturally relieve the symptoms of existing osteoporosis and help the bone to rebuild itself. The absorption of natural vitamins D3 and K2 promotes the absorption of calcium. Additional magnesium and boron counteract a mineral deficiency and help to maintain healthy bone mass for healthy aging and a preventive anti-aging effect.