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    Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Kinotakara:

    The pads can also be applied very effectively to other parts of the body. We also recommend, for example, the shoulders, neck, back, below the knee, wrists, elbows or ankles. If you apply Kinotakara to areas of the body where the skin is naturally moist, greasy, curvy or very flexible, it might help to wrap additional tape around the pads. This will promote contact between the pad and the skin.

    Yes, you can move with the pads of course, but not too much, then the contents of the pack will shift. For the pads to stick to your feet, simply wear socks.

    Pregnant women should not use the pads. Do not use the pads if you have cardiac arrhythmias or allergies to shellfish or crustaceans. Pacemaker wearers are also advised not to use Kinotakara. In addition, please do not use the pads on open wounds or near the eyes. Kinotakara pads are very safe, even for children.

    The pads should not be stuck over open injuries or near the eyes or on body orifices.

    The wellness pads generally serve the well-being of people. With animals, dogs and horses, there are positive experiences with the application on joints. Here, the pads were fastened with gauze bandages.

    The side effects of detoxification - which occur when products are taken or during special detoxification diets - are the result of the additional stress on the excretory organs (such as kidneys, liver, digestive system, lungs and skin) caused by the toxins released. Drinking water helps to reduce such side effects by removing toxins from the body. This additionally relieves the excretory organs.

    The ingredients of Kinotakara work with the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the removal of waste products from the human body.

    Kinotakara only contains natural ingredients such as tree vinegar (made from Sakura tree resin, oak and beech trees), dextrin, tourmaline, chitosan, pearl powder, pure silica and glycolic acid (a natural ingredient found in fruit juices and sugar cane).

    In order for the pads to support the body evenly, it is best to put a plaster under your left and right foot. Initially, the pads should be used every night for a whole month. Then, it is sufficient to use about one box (with 10 pads) per month to ensure a constant purification.

    1) KINOTAKARA is best applied under the soles of the feet. More than 60 of the 360 acupuncture points of the human body are located on the soles of the feet. Both Western and Eastern scientific studies see the soles of the feet as the zone that reflects the health of our internal organs, almost like a second heart.

    2) Before applying the pads, take a 5-minute footbath or please wash the body part with water and dry it thoroughly.
    3) If you are moving while wearing the pads, it is helpful to wear socks so that the pads fit snugly against the skin. It is important that the pads are in constant contact with the skin.
    4) The pads should be worn for at least 8-10 hours.
    5) Drink a glass of water or ideally a glass of Rooibos tea before and after use to promote purification.