Wellness Detox

    The wellness effect of detox
    A successful detoxification and purification can not only help to lead a healthier life, but also has a significant influence on our well-being. By driving the metabolism and a new life energy, detox also belongs to the personal wellness programs for the self. Detox can also be perceived as wellness. Wellness and detox can also be supported by products such as Kinotakara - the tree vinegar brings the body fluids into motion and gives us the vitality of the forests.

    In times of excessive consume and mass production, we expose ourselves to various toxins every day. Whether in the production of our food and its consumption, or by the changing consumption habits in our society - instead of a healthy and balanced diet, the fast-moving times ensure that we stay afloat with fast food and sugary foods that make us ill and limit our body's ability to detoxify itself.

    The body detoxifies itself
    Since the human body is constantly detoxifying itself, it has had a lot to do in our society in recent decades due to the guided lifestyle. So the body gets rid of most of its toxins and renews its cells. Old, diseased cells within the body are destroyed and new, healthy cells are formed. However, if we are not supplied with enough vital substances needed for this activity, it is more difficult for the body to detoxify itself than through a balanced and supportive diet.

    Helping the body on its feet
    In order to feel more comfortable in our body again and to help the body with detox, various detox and wellness programs have gained attention in recent years. However, it is not necessary to follow protracted programs and spend a lot of money to help the body detox in a healthy and natural way. Even individual vital substances and nutrients can help to remove and purify environmental toxins and other toxins from the body and thus support the body in its own detoxification.

    Detoxification through a healthy liver
    The liver is the cleansing organ of the human body. Thus it filters toxins and unknown, harmful foreign substances, which don't have any business being in our body, out of our system and makes them harmless. In order to maintain and - above all - strengthen its natural detoxification function, it needs a constant supply of various nutrients. Milk thistle applications help the liver to perform its regenerative and detoxifying function, improving the body's ability to form new cells. Chlorella algae also supports the liver in its detoxification function and ensures that harmful substances are excreted through the intestines. In addition to milk thistle, chlorella also has a positive effect on cell regeneration.

    Detoxification through a healthy intestine
    Many toxins that remain in the blood after filtering through the liver end up in the intestine. Here, they are stored on the intestinal walls and are often difficult to transport out of the body. Some of our products can support a healthy intestinal flora and activity. K-BioGreen is a natural, biological product with 58 selected ingredients that contain all important nutrients and vital substances as well as ingredients that support intestinal and organ functions. The various detoxifying substances have the ability to carry toxins out of the intestines and increase intestinal activity. Even the smallest chlorella algae can help to clean the intestines. Our Chlorella Excel also helps to detect toxins in the intestine and transport them out of the body. Not only can it be used as a detox aid, but it can also help prevent intestinal cancer.