Toxins in the intestines

    ... and how to get rid of them

    Due to today's agriculture and the food produced with it, which we consume constantly, our body is more and more exposed to various environmental toxins. We absorb these toxins not only with the air we breathe, but also through the food we eat. Whether through the use of various pesticides in agriculture or the intake of less nutritious foods that weaken our immune system, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our bodies to sustainably get rid of these toxins.

    The toxins in the intestines

    Many of these toxins are found in the intestines after digestion and remain there because they are not simply excreted. Even a strict diet, in which a lot of fat is lost, constantly stores toxins in the intestine. This is due to the fact that many toxins are stored in body fat and are released when this fat is broken down in the body. Those who lose a lot of weight or have lost weight have even more toxins in their intestines than usual.

    Detox for the intestines

    In order to promote a healthy detoxification of the intestines and to make the body receptive to healthy nutrients, more than just the intake of certain nutrients is necessary. The composition of these nutrients is also particularly important in order to enable the body to eliminate toxins on its own initiative, without retaining them in the body, where they can cause long-term health damage. Legumes, cabbage and various seeds stimulate intestinal activity and can increase the amount of toxins in the intestines due to their structure. A long-term healthy diet with sufficient vegetables, complex carbohydrates and a low fat content can help to keep the intestines and the whole body healthy.

    Products such as K-Biogreen can contribute to further supporting intestinal health. The 58 ingredients it contains stimulate intestinal activity and ensure healthy detoxification via the intestinal tract. Not only are toxins collected through broken down body fat better excreted, but toxins do not remain in the intestines as long as they would be without this variety of nutrients. A healthy food supplement with these 58 ingredients can thus make a lasting contribution to a healthy intestinal flora and lead to fewer toxins being stored in the body.