Hydrogen Water Generator mini


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    A small generator to enrich your drinking water with molecular hydrogen to improve your health and well-being.

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    With the Hydrogen Water Generator, you can easily enrich your water with the strongest antioxidant our planet has to offer.

    Molecular hydrogen can be found in sufficient quantities in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. The higher the pH value (abbreviation for Latin potentia hydrogenii, “strength of hydrogen”), the more bound hydrogen you will find in your fresh food in alkaline form.

    In cooked and processed fruit and vegetables, this is lost. Therefore, for anyone who does not eat raw vegetables two or three times a day, an additional source of hydrogen is beneficial.

    Are we getting older and sicker faster because we no longer consume the vital antioxidant, which has so many positive and necessary properties, naturally?
    It’s a fact that no other antioxidant can free our body from so many toxins, waste products and oxidative stress while at the same time giving our mitochondria the fuel they need.

    It has never been easier!
    With the Hydrogen Water Generator, you can produce hydrogen enriched drinking water within minutes – wherever you are! Whether at home, during sports, in the office or on the road in the car, the Hydrogen Generator can be used anywhere in the simplest way and help you to feel healthier and fitter in the long term.

    How does it all work?
    The hydrogen is split in your drinking water by electrolysis with the help of the hydrogen generator and released as molecular hydrogen. The use is very simple: Simply screw the hydrogen generator onto a water bottle and connect it to a power source or battery/power bank. Now you only have to wait for 8 minutes – within this time, the hydrogen generator takes care of the treatment of your water.

    For more information about hydrogen and its effect on cell aging and oxidative stress, read our free eBook. You can download it here.

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