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    Kinotakara is the power of nature and the mysterious energy and vitality of trees.

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    According to Chinese medicine, the body has at least 360 reflex points, more than 60 of which are located on the sole of the foot, which is often regarded to as a second heart.

    In the forest biotope, long-living trees are known to be able to efficiently extract nutrients from their environment. The mysterious energy and vitality of the trees inspired Dr. Kawase Itsuko to explore these secrets.

    After 26 years of continuous scientific research, Dr. Takao Matsushita and Dr. Kawase Itsuko made a groundbreaking discovery:

    The secret of the vitality of trees is tree vinegar, a component of tree resin. Tree vinegar is able to make liquids flow. Thus it is possible for large trees to transport up to 4000 liters of water per day to the outermost tips of the leaves.

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