Our bone density

    How it decreases over time and what we can do about it

    With today's diet, often too few nutrients are absorbed to completely cover the mineral and vitamin balance. Due to a low calcium content and low vitamin C in our diet, our bones have a hard time staying healthy and going through life powerfully. As we get older, the body's calcium levels diminish and we need more calcium to provide sufficient nutrition for our aging bones.

    This is because the body obtains the calcium it needs, which is not ingested from food, from its own stores. Conversely, this means that the body obtains its calcium from bone mass - it degrades bone mass to get the calcium. As the body ages, bone mass becomes weaker and smaller over the years. This can affect bone health and lead to the following problems:

    • Pain in bones and joints
    • Limitation of mobility
    • Broken bones
    • Osteoporosis, also called bone atrophy

    Calcium in food and nutrition

    However, not only has the diet become more fast-moving, which means that we generally consume less nutrients, but the food itself also contains less nutrients, so it is often difficult to fill the mineral and vitamin balance sufficiently with food. Intensive agriculture, which has continued to expand in recent decades, has led to nutrient loss in many places, so that our food, especially fruit and vegetables grown in the fields, no longer contains as many nutrients as it used to. So we not only eat less fruit and vegetables to replenish our households, but we also get less nutrients from these foods when we eat them.

    Vitamins and calcium intake

    In order to be able to absorb calcium optimally in the body, we don't only need calcium itself, but also some vitamins that promote the absorption of the mineral. Above all, vitamin C contributes to the absorption of calcium in the body and thus to the best possible use of it for bone health. Vitamin D3 and K2 can also help to increase the absorption of calcium in the body. Other minerals, such as magnesium and boron, also contribute to improved bone health and should therefore be added to calcium in sufficient quantities. Products such as Osteolive Plus contain all these minerals and vitamins, among other things, to optimally promote and maintain your bone health - and this has been scientifically proven.