The skin

    the largest detoxification organ

    The increasingly intensive agriculture and the associated increased use of pesticides and environmental toxins means that our body has to detoxify more and more. This happens not only via the regular detoxification organs, such as the liver or kidneys, but also via other organs of the body. The largest organ here is the skin, through which we excrete many toxins and thus dispose of these substances. But how does this actually work and how can the detoxification via the skin be promoted?

    Detoxification via the skin – how does it work?

    The many small pores in our skin make it possible to absorb substances such as lotions from the outside to the inside of the body. The pores also enable toxins to be excreted from the body. This usually happens through sweating and the sweat that is excreted with it. In our sweat, many of the toxins present in the body are simply collected and then transported through the pores to the surface. From there, they are simply washed off with the next shower.

    Problems with detoxification via the skin

    Especially clogged pores can quickly lead to the body no longer being able to detoxify well through the skin. Metabolic problems, in which the body cannot sweat well, can also lead to an increased accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, it is especially important for those who use a lot of make-up to make sure that they remove their make-up in the evening and give the pores the opportunity to breathe again. Only then, the sweat and the associated toxins can be removed from the body.

    Supporting the skin

    Detoxification via the skin can be supported in various ways. In order to keep the pores healthy, care should be taken that sufficient water is drunk and that cosmetic products free of harmful substances are used. Visits to the sauna can stimulate the production of sweat and open the pores through the heat and steam. This makes it easier for the body to carry toxins out of the body. Massages can also help to promote this opening of the pores, at best even in combination with a visit to the sauna and several sauna infusions.

    Special detox patches, such as the Kinotakara patch, can also help to detoxify the skin. The tree vinegar from Japan contained in it accelerates detoxification via the skin into the plaster and gives the body fluids a boost. The patches are applied to specific areas, such as the sole of the foot, and remove toxins from the body over a period of several hours. In order to achieve great effects, it is necessary to carry out the treatment regularly. A healthy liver and kidney function also helps to get the body fluids going better.